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What Can My Child Gain From Performing On Stage?

MAKE MEMORIES – Our teaching team of professional performers all remember their very first stage performance. There is no better feeling than being backstage getting into costume and waiting for curtains up with your friends

EXPRESS EMOTIONS – Drama and dance classes allow children to explore a range of emotions, ensuring they are better equipped to recognise and express their own feelings

CONQUER NERVES – Even professional actors struggle with nerves. By learning techniques and mastering the pre show jitters, children are better equipped for those big life moments off stage

ORGANISATION SKILLS – Producing a full scale musical is a huge task. Understanding the work involved means taking ownership of scripts, learning lines and choreography which all develop discipline

FEEL PROUD – We see amazing transformations in our students at showtime and love to see them basking in applause and feeling like superstars on stage

Join the cast of our 2023 show Matilda Jr

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