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EXPRESS EMOTIONS – Exploring emotions and feelings in drama classes allows students to engage with their own emotions and can play a huge role in recognising and expressing their feelings without fear of judgement.

OWN ANXIETY – Even professional performers experience nerves and anxiety. Through performing arts children learn to master their nerves with trusted techniques. Knowing how to manage those jitters can give children a huge advantage when it comes to life’s big moments.

THINK ON YOUR FEET – Through drama improvisation games and freestyle dance, children learn to trust themselves and become quick thinkers. This directly improves confidence in the classroom, whether it’s giving a presentation or being called to answer a question.

SHAKE IT OFF – Dance and drama classes are a brilliant way to release all that physical and emotional energy, and just let it go! Did you also know group singing is proven to increase endorphins and leave you feeling happier?

LOVE YOURSELF – At PSSA we encourage every child to celebrate their individuality. Let’s face it – we’re all wonderfully weird and we want every child to feel celebrated and confident to step into their spotlight.

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